Which Are the Top 3 Reasons to Use Concealer?

3 reasons to use concealer

Concealer. Once you meet it, you’ll never part ways with it again. It is commonly used in order to cover the dark under eye circles spots of redness, pigmentation spots and many other areas that a foundation isn’t capable of hiding. There are different types of concealer, which include hard or creamy consistency, with regular or brush applicator, and in a stick, jar, or tube. Make you choice and continuously experiment until you know what you desire. Once you already have the perfect concealer for you, here are 3 reasons to use concealer.

3 Reasons to Use Concealer

#1 Covering Under-Eye Circles

Whether you use a stick or liquid form concealer, you need to take into account your skin shade as well as the tone of your under-eye circles.

Color concealers can be a good way to offset and better camouflage the color of your under-eye circles. When selecting a color concealer’s tone, remember that it should be the direct opposite of your under-eye circles’ tone. For example, if your under-eye skin tone looks purple, you should find a beauty concealer with yellow tones; for brown circles, a purple or blue concealer is the best bet; for blue circles, use orange-toned concealers, and for red under-eye skin tone, use olive- or green-toned concealer. You can also ask the salesperson for a help if you’re not sure what to buy. If you don’t want to use a color concealer, you can just use a flesh-toned concealer that has a lighter shade than your skin. This way, the area around your eyes will be brightened and give you a fresh appearance.

When applying concealer, gently dab a small amount on your skin, starting from inside going out, using your ring finger. Afterwards, blend it thoroughly to make it look invisible and smooth.

#2 Covering Dark Spots and Moles

When using concealer to cover dark spots or moles, use only a small amount and individually focus on each problem area. Use a stick concealer that has a shade that will match your skin tone. The principle “less is more”, is applicable here—you apply less to get much more results. If you will apply too much concealer on a single area, it can look very obvious and cakey. Using your finger, dab a small amount in mole’s center—enough to conceal the spot—then let it dry. Finish up by applying face powder.

#3 Cover Red Spots and Blemishes

When covering red spots and blemishes, use a concealer shade that’s an exact match for your skin tone. To cover the pimples, using a stick concealer is enough. The key is using small amounts to directly and carefully apply to the blemish. Blend the edges with a small flat brush, then let it dry for a few minutes. If necessary, apply another layer to cover it completely, then finish with a beauty face power. For skin redness, you can use a stick or creamy concealer and spread it on the area in a thin layer, then let it dry for a few minutes. If the redness is still visible, apply another coating and finish it with a face powder.

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