Gemstones in Cosmetics

The Perks of Gemstones in Cosmetics

Aside from capping off an entire outfit, gems also give off specific energies to the ones wearing them. These precious stones can inspire passion, energy, cleansing and so much more. However lately, gems are also being incorporated into beauty products to care for the skin, reduce wrinkles or maintain a woman’s youthful glow. Indeed, Gemstones in cosmetics are on the rise especially for those, which have been proven effective.


Pearls as Gemstones in CosmeticsPEARL Neck Chest

Crushing pearls or oyster shells has been a Chinese Imperial practice since the Ancient times. Until now, ladies who are fans of exfoliating and anti-aging can see why this gem inclusion has been effective for centuries. Pearls are originally made of calcium carbonate, which works well in brightening the skin and protecting it from the harmful rays of the sun.


Diamonds in Skin Creams and Treatments

These gems are literally used in spa treatments because of their exfoliating properties. When finely crushed and mixed with nutritious creams, these gemstones in cosmetics can pave the way for an even deeper penetration of ingredients. Think of fine diamonds as refiners of your skin, meaning it effectively removes all the impurities so vitamins can effectively seep through your pores.


Diamonds are one of the most in demand gemstones in cosmetics as they may be used during microdermabrasion treatments, particularly in a tool called the wand. Actual stones are placed to the tip of the wands to facilitate effective exfoliation. This treatment gently peels off the damaged, outer layers of the skin to reveal a fresher surface.


Gold as One of the Precious Gemstones in Cosmetics


The treatments and creams, which contain this element may be mostly expensive, but it is not only because of gold’s actual rarity. Gold has been found to be great sealants to keep the nutrients within the skin while giving off a glowing look to its product users.


If a cream contains anti-aging ingredients, then you may count on its effectiveness whenever it contains sufficient amounts of gold. This gem can very much bond all the ingredients necessary to maintain your youthfulness.


Ruby in Your Skin Creams


When a woman wears ruby stones as part of her outfit, she gives off a fiery and passionate energy. The same thing can be done with her skin. As crushed ruby crystals are combined with skin complexes, her skin can look even more energized. Ruby containing facial creams would be good for those living in mostly cold places as these vicinities may result to pale looking skin. Ruby as one of the effective gemstones in cosmetics will put some color back in one’s cheeks.


Gemstones in cosmetics have become a rising rave among women because of their effects. See what may be good for you and try out a few products soon.

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