Quick Guide to the Ultimate Pamper Evening with Kristals Cosmetics

Turn on some relaxing music.  Light a scented candle.  Prepare for a long bubble bath.  You deserve the best pamper evening.  A time you gift yourself, away from all the worries and craziness of your busy life.  Here are 4 Kristals Cosmetics pamper evening essentials for the perfect one with gemstones to revitalize your skin from head to toe.

Quick Guide to the Ultimate Pamper Evening with Kristals Cosmetics

#1 Kristals Cosmetics Diamond Select Anti-Gravity Spark Eye Mask

What better time to close your eyes and enjoy an eye mask than this?  Cleanse your face, and apply the Kristals Anti Gravity Eye Mask under your eyes. Gently massage the emulsion into your skin.

As you relax in the tub for 15 minutes, this mask will be working on this very sensitive area of your skin defying gravity and deeply moisturizing thank to the anti aging properties of diamonds. Its pure diamond powder will also promote cell turnover and reduce lines around your eyes.

#2 Kristals Cosmetics Diamond Select Anti-Gravity Spark Mask

While you’re at it… why not restore the elasticity of your face as well?  Use Kristals Diamond Anti-Gravity Spark Mask.  Infused with pure diamond and collagen, this mask will not fail to  brighten, lift, firm and restore the resilience of your skin. You can leave it on for 15 minutes as well and then peel both masks off together.

#3 Kristals Cosmetics Rock Crystal Performing Body Polish Free Magic

The next step of your perfect pamper evening would be to exfoliate your legs, knees, arms and elbows with the sumptuous Kristals Cosmetics Rock Crystal Performing Body Polish – available in the scents Free Magic and Love Spells.

In addition to rock crystal powder, this luxury body polish is formulated with all-natural sea salt and almond, jojoba and sesame oils to help you remove dead skin cells and moisturize your skin in one single step.

#4 Kristals Cosmetics Pearl Neck & Chest Extra Firming Mask

Right before you take a quick shower to rinse off the body polish, is the perfect time to apply Kristals Cosmetics Pearl Neck & Chest Extra Firming Mask to your neck and chest.  This unique mask combines pearl powder and kaolin clay.

Both ingredients are known to restore the balance of your skin in this often overlooked areas. Leave the neck and chest mask on until dry.  Then rinse your body to reveal an unbelievably healthy, sensual soft and youthful skin.

Kristals Cosmetics Tips: What Diamond Does for Your Skin

You may be surprised to learn that diamonds can play a role in skincare. In fact, more and more products are becoming available that feature diamond or diamond dust as an ingredient. Diamonds are biocompatible and make an excellent delivery system for other substances. They can provide gentle micro-exfoliation, create optical diffusion, and increase skin’s ability to absorb nutrients. Diamonds are appearing in high-end products that promise skin-brightening, line-blurring, and luminizing effects.

Now you can find diamond in serums, masks, BB creams, nail polish (for a real boost of sparkle at your fingertips), and even shampoos on the market. And these products do come at a high cost. But before you laugh about all the gullible people dropping $500 on diamond lotions and potions, it turns out that diamond powder really can offer some potential benefits as a skincare ingredient.

Kristals Cosmetics Tips: What Diamond Does for Your Skin

Ground-up diamonds are definitely good for exfoliation. Some dermatologists even have access to exfoliating tools (encrusted wands, for example) to help buff away dead cells without damaging the healthy skin underneath. There is even a use for diamond’s exfoliating powers in dental care – applied with an electric toothbrush for more polishing — but don’t try it at home.

Another use for diamonds is in “brightening” or “blurring” products that promise to restore a youthful glow to almost anyone. “Brightening” products often contain sparkling ingredients like mica that sit on the surface of the skin and obscure any fine lines and imperfections by literally reflecting light. This feature is often referred to as a “blurring” effect on packaging and in advertisement copy. When diamonds are finely crushed, they can definitely provide luminosity and brighten the skin, but again, this all comes at a much higher cost than conventional ingredients.

Diamond facials – not what you might expect as a facial – are more like a scrubbing utilizing a diamond-crusted file. Picture a large emery board, wielded by an expert, gently smoothing away surface imperfections and maybe even softening dark age spots.

When using diamond-infused products at home, begin with a face that is clean and free of other cosmetic products. Steaming the skin isn’t a requirement, but it may help the serum or lotion penetrate deeper into pores. If using one, apply the serum first, as it will help your skin to better absorb the products that follow.

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