Natural Skin Savers

Sure you can go to the local pharmacy or big-box store to find modern remedies for practically any skincare ailment that might arise. But wouldn’t you feel better about yourself, your budget, and your planet if you make use of all-natural products, right in your own home, and right from your own cupboard?

Some Natural (and Delicious) Skin Remedies to Try

Apple cider vinegar. This fruity condiment is great on salads, but it can be an ally against acne as well. Try using it on a cotton pad in place of a toner and feel the tightening effects on your pores. Apple cider vinegar is also useful for treating dandruff. Mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle, then spray your scalp after showering and let dry.

Honey. Instead of purchasing a complexion mask in a plastic tube or shiny foil package, go to the pantry for your pampering. Before your next shower, slather some honey on a clean face and leave on for 15 minutes. It will wash right off with warm water, and you’ll be treated to a moisturized, smooth face.

Oatmeal. If your skin seems dull and you feel the need for exfoliation, try oatmeal. Pulse store-bought oats (not the instant kind) in your blender once or twice. Mix the miniature flakes into a squirt of your regular cleaner and apply to your face using a circular motion. Sensitive skin will love this treatment.

Granulated sugar. Wanting a more aggressive facial scrub but want to skip the skin-damaging walnut or apricot hulls in the drugstore brand? Try adding a small amount of granulated sugar to a little of your facial cleanser or liquid body wash (aim for about equal amounts) and rub in circular motions over your face, arms, legs – really, anywhere you’d like to smooth out.

Coconut oil. Commercial makeup removers contain solvents and other chemicals to dissolve the oils and pigments in cosmetics. Try a small blob of organic, raw coconut oil (you’ll find it in the baking or oil area in a well-stocked or natural grocery store) instead. Use your fingertips to warm and soften the coconut oil, and then gently rub into the skin and eyelashes. Just as gently, use cotton pads to remove. You can wash with cleanser after this or leave the coconut oil on overnight as a moisturizer.

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