Natural Approaches to Solving Skin Problems

You might be surprised to know that many of your most common skincare problems can be treated with products your probably have in your kitchen cupboard. Save yourself shopping time, dollars, and worries about dangerous ingredients by trying the natural route first.

Here are some common skin problems, along with some very simple natural approaches to solving them:

Chapped lips. Are you ready for winter? Cold, dry air means dry, chapped lips. Skip the sticky Chapstick and stinky Carmex. Choose coconut oil or olive oil – with a clean finger, swipe some on and then rub your lips together.

Dry, cracked cuticles. Is there anything worse than cracked and bleeding cuticles? It’s just not possible. This remedy is very similar to the approach to chapped lips. Treat your sore fingertips to some tropical coconut oil. Massage into the cuticle areas just before bed. For extra softening, wear cotton gloves overnight.

Dark under-eye circles. Some of us are literally born with them, some of them are earned by burning the midnight oil, and no matter how you get them you’ll certainly want to get rid of them! Dark circles can make you look tired and older. Try teabags, an old time-tested remedy. Steep two black or green teabags in warm water. Squeeze them so they aren’t dripping, lie down comfortably, and place one bag over each eye for at least 10 minutes. The tannins will help constrict any dilated blood vessels, and as the teabags cool they will help reduce puffiness.

Tired or dull complexion. Sometimes the simplest tips are the best. In the case of a face that needs a quick pick-me-up, try an ice-cube facial. It may sound like a form of mild torture, but gently running an ice cube over your face has an amazing effect on increasing circulation, meaning an instant rosy glow. Find a thin handkerchief or cloth napkin and wrap an ice cube. Wait a few seconds for the ice to melt a bit, then glide the cold surface over your cheeks, nose, forehead and witness a more youthful you in the mirror.

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