What are the Top Skin Care Habits Everyone Should be Following?

While great skin can simply be the results of genetics, personal beauty consultants or simply Photoshop, the rest of us can make a big difference just by adopting top skin care habits recommended by experts—and being consistent. We’ll be skipping over the basics like washing your skin only twice a day, using sunscreen and moisturizer to go a bit deeper.

Here a list of the Top Skin Care Habits:


Some people with wrinkles will apply a top-notch ingredient like retinol to their whole face, risking irritation. It’s better to apply the retinol just to wrinkles. Or if you have combination skin, use a toner with AHAs or BHAs only to the oily area, skipping over the other areas that don’t need it.

Get regular facials—from a pro

If your budget permits, your dermatologist may be the best source for this. Meaning no disrespect to spas or your best friend’s DIY facial recipes, it’s best for a pro to guide you. They simply know on what’s best for your skin when it comes to facials, which could involve some light peeling or other treatments that fit you best.


Make sure your skin gets plenty of antioxidants. While diet provides antioxidants when you eat fruits and veggies, so far no clinical evidence suggests food or vitamin capsules will benefit the skin. So try a vitamin C serum in a dark container (this keeps in stable) and a moisturizer formulated for your skin type. Some moisturizers have retinol, a vitamin A derivative.  Some others vitamin E. Both key antioxidants that benefit the skin by fighting free radicals that can damage skin.

Be fishy, then go nuts

Salmon, tuna and nuts are all rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which keep inflammation under control, including skin inflammation. These foods also help protect against heart disease and protect against colorectal cancer.

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